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In today’s digest:

  • Rising stars, a 2024 preview

  • Fry’s fate

  • Weekly construction report

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The Digest

What’s coming soon? Part 1/x

⚠️ Before reading on: Everything below is subject to change. I’ll be breaking this up into a few parts as there are many new businesses coming to Fishers and surrounding areas. If there’s anything that isn’t quite right, feel free to correct it by letting me know 🤙 

Biggby Coffee

Biggby Coffee Renderings from re-zone proposals

What is it? Biggby Coffee, a Michigan-based chain with stores in twelve states. They plan to have a drive-thru.

Where will it be? On 104th Street/Olio Road (right outside the Cambridge entrance). The land is going through a re-zone process first.

When will it be built? Depends on what the city thinks. The land they’re trying to use needs to be re-zoned and they don’t currently have a favorable recommendation. If they did, idk, maybe a year?

💭Thought bubble: Biggby coffee is pretty good. It’s not a Starbucks-level behemoth, but they do have over 280 stores nationwide. It’ll be interesting to see how they compete with one barely a mile up the road across the bridge.

Java House

What is it? Java House, a local Indiana coffee spot.

Where will it be? Downtown Fishers, near Four Day Ray. Anywhere near the city buildings, street parking, or parking garages would be walkable.

When will it be built? TBD. Their team is getting back to us on it.

💭Thought bubble: I am very excited for this one. Their coffee and vibes at all their locations are immaculate. They even have their own Penn and Beech scent with coffee beans in it. Speaking of..

Penn and Beech

What is it? Penn and Beech, a local candle-making company.

Where will it be? Right by the new Cafe Patachou and the mural on 116th Street. Downtown.

When will it be built? Shooting for January 2024. They are posting updates on their Instagram every few weeks and construction is underway.

💭Thought bubble: I have been a few times to their Carmel and downtown locations. They’re a ton of fun for dates and equally so with friends and family. There’s just something about drinking wine and pretending to be a mad scientist 🧪 

Trailblazing to 2024

Fishers budget presentation slide

The number one issue here is walkability. Fishers is doubling down on building better paths, and specifically the Nickel Plate Trail. Here’s a rundown of what’s proposed over the next year:

  • Connecting the Nickel Plate trail to Allisonville on 126th.

  • Extending 106th Street trails to Cumberland Road.

  • $500,000 to pave a path on 131st Street from Lantern Road to the Nickel Plate Trail.

Fry’s fate

A few weeks ago, I asked you what should the old Fry’s building be turned into. The results are in. A few options had a good run, but most were in favor of the roller skating rink.

Total amount of votes on the poll: 67

 I voted too. A mall that is variations of dollar stores. Here’s my thought process. This doesn’t exist ANYWHERE in the world (for good reason, but still). You can’t convince me that seeing on Trip Advisor for Fishers the “Coliseum of dollar stores” wouldn’t be both hilarious and intriguing.

What’s next: Even though it didn’t get 100 votes, this isn’t over 🤣 

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The Happenings

Fishers Test Kitchen is hosting a 5-course, 6-beer pairing with Li Pu and Sun King. Li Pu is one of the newest restaurants to hit the test kitchen over the past month. Tickets here for Wednesday’s dinner event.

Happening soon

Boo Bash at the Nickel Plate District. No trick-or-treating this year. Vendors were discouraged from doing so. Instead, expect different events held throughout the day No registration required. Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm. Details here.

The Headless Horsemen Festival is happening at Conner Prairie for the last time this upcoming weekend. Hayride tickets are sold out, but normal admission tickets are good to go. Enjoy one more spooky weekend before the holiday season kicks in. Link to tickets here.

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Quick Hits

Football recap 🏈 

If you plan to vote by mail then it’s time to get it in the mailbox. Voting by mail ends this Thursday, October 26th. Early voting will continue until the day before the elections, which is November 7th. Election office details here.

🍌 Sign up for the most fun you’ll have at a baseball game. Guaranteed. The Savannah Bananas ticket lottery is open for your chance to purchase tickets for next year’s games. Enter here.

HSE schools are in good company with 10 other districts in the state looking to approve a referendum. Here’s a 10,000-foot view of what schools are looking for funding, and how much.

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Weekly home market report sponsored by Rachel Quade

Construction this week

Here’s a high-level overview of what’s new this week:

  • 141st/SR37 is RIGHT TURNS ONLY. View the image above for how to merge.

  • On Oct 25, best to avoid 146th/Allisonville Road. If you can’t, starting at 11 am, there will be limited lanes in use. By 9 pm they will all close.

    • 146th will open again on October 26 by 6 am

💭 Question: When will 141st/SR 37 restart?
Answer: Bids from contractors will start in the Spring of 2023. Likely April. The city is confident that the total cost will come in or around their budget, and there won’t be any more issues. Fingers crossed that’s true🤞 

Read the full report here.


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