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PLUS: yay or nay on meijer, gold star, and your weekend preview

Good Friday Morning. This is Fishers Digest. May your workday go quickly so you can enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend. We’re also taking a pause, so see you next Friday 🫡 

In today’s digest:

  • Teacher of the year

  • Yay or nay on Meijer?

  • Weekend preview — loads of events

  • 7.6 million was paid to people living on the Nickel Plate Trail

— Written by Lindsey Watson and Skyler Braun

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The Digest

🍰 Fishers Digest turns one

Can you believe it’s been one year?! I can’t. To all of you reading today — thank you! It means the world to me and I hope this newsletter continues to help you feel connected to what’s going on around you. Cheers to another year 🍻 

Teacher of the year 🍎 

“If you want to be a good salesperson, you need to believe in the product. And I believe in what we do here at HSE” - Aimee Bastin on her approach to teaching.

What a great quote, I totally agree! Aimee has been teaching for over 30 years and is a resource teacher at Fall Creek Junior High. Enjoy your well earned win. Congratulations, Aimee! 🎉 

These teachers were finalists for this year’s awards. Congrats to you both as well!:

  • Clarise Nolan, Sand Creek Elementary

  • Sarah Chattin, HSE High School

Cheerleaders needed ⭐️ 

This year’s Geist Half Marathon and 5k is September 14th. On mile 10-11, Gold Star racers will have cheerleaders with chalk, signs, music, costumes, and more. But they need more cheerleaders! If you’re loud, a lot of fun, and willing to give some of your time, you can volunteer here to support racers who have experienced the loss of a loved one in the military.

Meijer: yay or nay?

On Monday, a new Meijer was officially pitched to City Council. The plan is for it to be right next to SchoolHouse 7 Cafe on Cyntheanne. A lot of people weren’t happy though, here’s the summary of most of the public comments:

  • SchoolHouse less enjoyable from the smell from the gas station

  • Way too big, not a "neighborhood" store

  • Too much more pavement

  • Noise + light pollution

  • Potential traffic nightmare

Things like that. You can watch the recording where all the comments start here. It's about 15 minutes. What do you think?

Do you want a new Meijer at Cyntheanne?

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The Happenings

Weekend preview 📆 

ICYMI from Tuesday’s issue, these are all happening this weekend:
> Today is Carb Day, and Sunday is the Indy 500. Watch the weather. Curious what happens if it rains? Here’s a guide.
> The Fishers Memorial Day Ceremony is Monday at 10 am
> The Pacers are playing Saturday and Monday at home vs the Celtics

Here is our guide from Tuesday to Memorial Day Weekend if you need it.

U-pick 🍓

Spencer’s Farm is now open for strawberry picking. Bring the fam and pick your fair share before they’re gone. According to the farm, this is the best the berries will be all season.

Open to the public 7 days a week, Saturdays 9AM-6PM and Sunday 12-6PM. Betcha can’t pick ‘em without eating at least a few.

Impress your in-town fam + friends with this activity

This is a pro level Fishers Digest tip for you. Rent a giant swan boat for you and up to 4 other people to ride along the canal downtown. Bonus points if you pretend to pedal but make everyone else do it for you.

This could be a very impressive date, a fun Memorial Day Weekend outing, or just a fun way for friends to see the city sometime. No reservation required. Book your bird here.

Coming soon 🔜 

Forward this to the gamer in the house 🎮️ 

Launch Fishers will be hosting a Super Smash Bros tournament on June 1st, with over 100 people already signed up to play. There will be food trucks, all-day gaming, free casual setups for Smash 64, and a bar for the 21+ crowd. Register here!

Cul-De-Sac Drills

Every neighborhood’s favorite summer event is coming around! Cul-de-sac drills start May 31 and will run through the end of July. Our local firefighters will be assisting participants with the fire hose. Swimwear encouraged for bystanders 😂

This annual event is meant to foster a positive relationship between our fire fighting heroes and the community, while also educating youth about fire safety. Did your neighborhood make the cut? Find out below 👇️ 

🎶 Live Music

The DOJ is suing Live Nation and TicketMaster for being a monopoly in the live entertainment industry.

But you know what isn’t a monopoly? The list of bars, restaurants, pubs, amphitheaters, and more we open sourced on the Fishers Digest website. Just click the tab for a city, then scroll to find a venue and see what live music they have going on 🤘 

📲 Want to see your business here? Email me to get a highlight. It’s free!

Nothing in this section is sponsored. It’s just something you should know.

Rapid Fire Hits

Quick headlines and things to know from all around 🌐 

Parks Place Pub dropped a banger video on how to park to go to their fine establishment this Summer (Instagram)

🏁 The IMS shares an article on all the times the Indy 500 has been rained out, and what that might mean for Sunday (IMS)

FYI, there will be ramp closures and lane restrictions along I-465 southbound on the east side (between Pendleton Pike and Emerson Avenue) for paving and bridge work. Expect construction delays along this path from May 31 through the end of June. (WTHR)

Did you know? The people who will be lowering and raising the flags in downtown Fishers for Memorial Day are our local boy and girl scouts 🫡 

Last week’s recap

Here’s what readers clicked the most last week 🏆️

  • 24/7 Pickleball coming to Fishers (link)

  • Inside look at the Fishers Event Center (link)

  • Top 10 American Restaurants here (link)

  • Fishers government jobs (link)

Local Business

7.6 million paid to people living on the Nickel Plate Trail 😳 

Many railroads in the US were built on land that was essentially "rented" from private owners. When a railroad is abandoned or taken down, the land is supposed to go back to the original owners. However, when the government turns a former railroad into a trail (such as the Nickel Plate Railroad), that land isn’t returned. So a law firm in Missouri represented homeowners whose land was affected by it, successfully suing the Federal Government and winning lots of $.

Last call to learn how to Police this summer

Policy Academy sign ups are open now until the end of May for students in 7th-12th grade. Teens can apply for the 5-day camp (July 8-12) taking place at Sand Creek Intermediate.

If your student is interested in law enforcement and wants experience with the K-9 unit or to learn more about crime scene investigation, this is a fantastic opportunity. Camp will also involve fitness and drill activities, classroom instruction, and practical role play training each day.

Did you know we have the #1 pickleball team in the country? 🎾 

If you search Google for “Indy Drivers” you’re going to get a list of Indy car racers. But the Indy Drivers we’re talking about are our local team in the National Pickleball League.

And they’re a real good team. Last year was the first year for the league, and they took home the gold 🥇 Now they’re looking to do it again this year, with their tournaments played across the midwest. Find their schedule here. You can watch them livestream, and they even have a podcast!


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