⛵️ What happened to Memento Zero Proof?

PLUS: the new basketball courts, Noblesville recruiting, and your construction report

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Good Tuesday Morning. This is Fishers Digest. Is anyone else starting to see an uptick in Cinco de Mayo ads?

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In today’s digest:

  • Noblesville — the world’s best recruiters

  • What happened to Memento Zero Proof

  • Hue Murals work on the basketball courts

  • Construction report

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The Digest

Noblesville is at it again with recruiting

Noblesville’s recruitment strategies could put every military recruiter to shame 😂 

A few locals, along with support from the city, started a grassroots campaign on X(Twitter) to lure Caitlin Clark to move to Noblesville. They call it “Welcome Home Caitlin

This is not Noblesville’s first rodeo when it comes to trying to get people to move there. Who else remembers the post from a month ago with Noblesville paying about $15,000 in relocation grant money for people in tech? I’m very excited to hear about who they target next.

Meet the woman from Fishers who ran the Boston Marathon

For many runners, the Boston Marathon is the Mt Everest of the sport. It’s the oldest + most prestigious — and you can’t just show up to run it. You have to qualify well in advance by proving yourself at other marathons. So it’s safe to say local runner Sara Farney feels pretty good right now after finally running in it last week. You can learn more about her in this nice profile by Current in Fishers.

👔 MIRA Awards this Friday

The annual Mira Awards Gala, hosted by TechPoint, is this Friday from 6:30 to 11 p.m. Many Fishers-based businesses were nominated for awards such as Rising Entrepreneur and Tech Innovation of the Year. If you’re looking for an excuse to dress up and enjoy a fine dining award ceremony, tickets are still available.

And if you’re one of the nominees reading this — best of luck to you. We’re all rooting for you!

Go for it with Spray-Net*

🙋‍♀️ Does your home have faded, mismatched, or damaged siding? Spray-Net can help. Their proprietary coatings can make your home look new in no time flat. With summer around the corner, boosting your home’s curb appeal has never been easier. You’ll save 50-75% of your typical replacement costs when you go with Spray-Net. All with a 15-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

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The Happenings

Move for a purpose 🏃 

Circle your calendars for Saturday, April 27, because the 12th Annual Choose to Move Race is coming up! This year, you can join the race live or virtually run wild in your own neighborhood—all to help beat Parkinson's disease. The race runs all around the Saxony neighborhood on the east side of Fishers. Sign-ups are here!

3rd Annual Tuba Day

Paige’s Music is calling all low brass lovers for the Tuba & Euphonium Day Masterclass. It’s a day to toot your own horn—literally—with a chance to dive into the deep end of some serious brass with masterclasses led by the legendary Scott Sutherland. Pick-up tickets here, open to all skill levels.

Opening Day for the Piazza Geist Market 🎉 

Oh yeah, it’s all comin’ together. This Saturday is the official season opening of the Geist Piazza Market. Come get your fill of fresh produce, meats, jellies and more. Coffee is on the house. Learn more.

Arbor Day 🌲 

The annual Arbor Day Tree Giveaway is from 4-6 pm this Friday. White Oak and Red Oak trees will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis with a limit of one per family.

It might help to be armed with the following knowledge if you plan on going. You’ll sound like a true arborist when your neighbor asks about your shiny new tree:

  • They both have red leaves in the fall. Color differences are more in their bark and wood.

  • They are both used as Medal of Honor Trees in Arlington Cemetery

  • They will live for hundreds of years

Not enough? Fine. Here’s even more info to help you decide.


  • Its firewood burns faster than white oak. It’s a porous wood.

  • They have a shallower root system, which can be helpful depending on where you plant it

  • Generally better interior applications

  • Animals usually prefer red oak acorns for food because they mature faster. But you’ll have to wait about 20 years for them to start dropping


  • Very high rot and water resistance

  • Considered more luxurious because of it’s use in high-end furniture, whiskey and wine barrels, flooring, and exteriors

  • It is non-porous wood

  • Will grow a little bit slower, but will likely be taller and live longer than a red oak

Types of Tree

Growth Rate (Yearly)

Final Height

Red Oak

1-2 feet

60-70 feet

White Oak Tree

1-2 feet

50-80 feet

🎭️ Theatre

Should I change the name of this section to “Two-Show Tuesdays”?

> Finding Nemo will be performed at The Switch Theatre in Fishers this weekend. Tickets here.

> Forbidden Broadway at The Center for the Performing Arts. Starts this Saturday and goes until May 12. Tickets here.

Local Business

☕️ Memento Zero Proof is closed for good

Memento Zero Proof will not be reopening. They were Indiana’s first No-Alcohol Bar. While their signage is still up, you’ll find a locked door and a paper sign saying they’re now closed. The owners reached out to help spread the message of what happened. Read the full statement from the owners here.

Today, you’ll find that the property owner is already trying to get a new tenant. The shop is listed as a “turn-key 2nd-gen coffee shop” and is available immediately.

🎨 Hue Murals x Gary Harris basketball courts

Aerial POV of the first court finished

Koda Witsken, owner of Hue Murals, is the genius behind the new Brooks School Park Gary Harris basketball courts. I had the chance to watch her in action yesterday and let me tell you — she’s a true pro. Photos really don’t do the vibrant colors and art justice. I can see these easily becoming a top local and tourist destination.

I understand that the paint should last around 5-7 years. So if you want to see and be part of the process before it’s semi-permanent, swing by Brooks School Park on a sunny day.

Rapid Fire Hits

Quick headlines and things to know from all around 🌐 

If you’re a Geist boater, make sure to check out the Marina’s latest Facebook Post. They plan to find and tow a 30-40-foot tree floating around in the water this morning. I’d double check they move it before it ends up in your motor. (Facebook)

TikTok is looking more likely to be banned. It goes for a vote through the Senate this week, and is expected to easily pass. (The Verge)

For even more Caitlin Clark news, she just signed a $28m 8-year deal with Nike. That’s a biiiit more than her $70k/yr salary. (Business Insider)

You can use these Indy-provided maps to view just about everything you could ever need satellite images for. They even have historical photos taken from planes back in the 1930s. (Indy Maps)

The GOAT in Carmel has reopened. This seems like big news, but I don’t know enough about it to say anything more.

Construction This Week

Here’s what’s new:

  • Be aware of the 5k happening around the Saxony Neighborhood this Saturday

  • Sidewalk repairs are starting in the Tanglewood Neighborhood. These are only the removal and replacement of sidewalk panels which pose a toe kick trip hazard. And no, they won’t do your driveway!

Everything else in the report is the same as the past few weeks. So nothing new to check in there. The full report is available here.


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